April 21, 2023

Coffee’s Role in Improving Mood

There are a host of reasons why people drink coffee regularly, even beyond the taste of great coffee. Improving their mood is one, especially for people who aren’t lively in the morning. In North America today, it seems an increasing number of people experience low moods and depression. However, for some people modest improvements may be made by simple, inexpensive habits. Of course, it’s important to look at modern life, and each individual’s situation to assess the reasons for mood concerns. Nevertheless, on a long-term scale, consistent coffee drinking has been linked to higher energy levels and better moods. Depressive symptoms can become less intense with coffee. 

While the energy boost coffee offers has been leveraged for centuries, the science demonstrating that coffee consumption can reduce the effects of diagnosed depression is recent and noteworthy. Of course, coffee isn’t not a cure and there are risks to drinking it. Steady coffee drinking is not for everyone. We’ll cover both the promise and warnings of regular coffee consumption. By taking a long-term view, it’s possible to see both mood and health benefits. Among the most interesting are coffee’s perks for preventative health. Lastly, some of the promise of good results with coffee involves the good that can be done by purchasing coffee wisely.

Studies Show Reduction in Depressive Symptoms

Those with depression may find some relief from drinking coffee. The severity of symptoms may abate, according to one study. A study with a participant pool of middle-aged people had parallel findings. Since staying in a down mood can feel like quicksand, it’s important to look at something simple and accessible that can help. Of course, each person wants to account for their individual variation and how coffee makes them feel.

Nevertheless, compared to other solutions, drinking more coffee is not expensive or time-consuming. Considering that a meta-analysis published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry found promising risk-reduction per cup, it’s worth looking into. This study found that per one cup of coffee, the risk of developing depression dropped eight percent. While coffee isn’t a cure, that is a significant reduction.

Inertia in Moods

One reason that coffee may have a buoying effect on mood is that java can get a person moving sooner. When a problem exists or a series of tasks needs completed, the situation can worsen if a person doesn’t confront them within a certain length of time. Action is the key. Otherwise, a problem or work can pile up. Even if the issues aren’t spiraling into a mountain, they can feel that way. A person who can get in motion with coffee may be better off. Inertia might keep them moving. Conversely, the other half of the inertia motion law is that a person at rest stays at rest. Coffee enables many people to just get started and inertia can propel them forward.

Risks of Drinking Too Much Coffee

While the energy boost coffee provides can liven a person up and lift their mood, no fair analysis could leave out the possible ramifications. Many folks who have experienced a coffee shop’s brew that was stronger than expected have experienced the ramifications of drinking too much or too strong of a coffee. It can cause a jittery, restless feeling. It can also make people feel more nervous, even without cause. 

Anxiety and Agitation

Coffee can cause agitation and anxiety that wasn’t there previously. Although coffee can help turn the tide on depressive symptoms, with every blessing, there’s a burden. As a central nervous system stimulant, there will be risks with coffee intake. Even a slightly negative thinking spiral may not need extra fuel. That can cause a person to venture further down a negative thought path than was necessary. Developing a general feeling of anxiousness is possible too. There is no shortage of information about the risks and negative results of drinking too much caffeine.

Other Negative Effects

It’s not just the potential for unneeded nervousness that could result from coffee outside of moderation. Too much caffeine can lead to headaches. The risk of too much acid in the stomach is real. Some people develop ulcers. Likewise, coffee dependency can result from drinking too much. Some people develop withdrawal headaches when they try to stop drinking coffee. While it would be better to get natural energy from exercise and other practices, of course, the point of this post is to illuminate the benefits of coffee for people with depressive symptoms.

More Energy and Health Benefits

People who drink coffee regularly are more likely to meet movement minimums that benefit health. Although they may not elevate their heart rate enough to burn fat, just getting more movement does help. Meanwhile, staying sedentary rarely helps with mood or health.

Many people are surprised to learn about some potential health benefits of coffee drinking. For example, coffee can help regulate blood sugar. Over time, it can help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee also helps protect the brain and nervous system. It delivers fatty acids that are insulative when combined with caffeine. It may also lower the risk of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 

The Ripple Effect of Purchasing Coffee Responsibly

Coffee isn’t like other common foods and beverages that can be purchased locally in the US. Most of the US is too far north to grow great coffee. It’s not like buying avocadoes either, most of which are shipped from Mexico, our direct southern neighbor. 

North American coffee consumers can choose coffee that originates from a number of countries below them, or from other southern countries worldwide. Most people just pick a bag from the shelves of their local grocery store. Many stick with that coffee for decades. Nevertheless, in choosing a coffee that wasn’t grown in a situation that exploits humans and the environment, consumers can stop supporting trade patterns that are detrimental

Delectable Coffee for a Motivating Cause

Your morning or after-lunch cup of coffee could motivate in multiple ways. Subida Coffee Co. produces gourmet coffee, whose proceeds help young people prepare for a brighter future. This non-profit provides a high school education for around forty boys (at any given time) who live on the property where the coffee grows.

Subida Coffee is a cut above in flavor, but the growers and processors never take shortcuts. With Rainforest Alliance Certification, Subida has official sustainability status. That is, it respects the environment, the ecosystem and the people involved. In supporting a better model than Honduras coffee plantations, drinkers of Subida Coffee Co. can become a part of spreading coffee that empowers people for a better future.  


The coffee of Subida Coffee Co. is grown by the team at the Moses Project, a 120-acre commercial farm and agriculture training center in a small community outside of Santa Rosa de Copán.
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