Interested in partnering with us to serve our coffee? Let us supply your business, coffee shop or church with fresh, incredible coffee, and you will be part of empowering a generation of Honduran farmers.

Why partner with us?

Incredible Coffee

We take pride in providing a fantastic product. Coffee is an art and a science, and we love the process. From the attention to detail on our farm, the careful and meticulous processing, the exact and calculated roast, and all the way to your door, we have put incredible effort into ensuring our product delivers and incredible cup of coffee.


We know how important it is for you to have a reliable source of great coffee. We commit to be just that. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that two things will remain constant: quality, and timing. We ensure that coffee arrives at your door when you need it, and that the coffee that arrives is consistently great.

Be Part of Our Story

When we say, “Great Cause. Great Coffee”, we mean it. Not only is our coffee amazing, but the cause that every Subida purchase supports is also amazing. Your partnership with us means you can be a part of equipping and empowering a new generation of farmers and entrepreneurs. As a result every bag or cup of coffee you sell means someone else is partnering in that same, incredible cause.

Partnership Stories

The Artisan Café

The Artisan Café is a space focused on bringing together the community. It is a part of the Blue Ridge Artisan Center, which emphasizes the importance of local art and music. The Artisan Café offers high quality, handcrafted foods and a wide assortment of coffee beverages, each made with Subida coffee. We are proud to be a part of such a community-focused organization.



Mayfair Church of Christ

Mayfair Church of Christ is a congregation of Christian believers serving the community of Huntsville, Alabama. With approximately 1500 members, Mayfair has a need and a desire to serve delicious coffee to those in attendance. We are glad that Mayfair has chosen to partner with us, and we hope that everyone who enjoys a cup of coffee there, feels the same.



Camp Ch-Yo-Ca

Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is a non-denominational Christian youth camp located in the piney woods of North Louisiana in Calhoun, near West Monroe. For over 50 years thousands of campers have come to Christ in deeper ways through their experiences at camp. It is our mission to provide a camp experience where young people can play excitedly, study intentionally, sing deliberately, and seek God wholeheartedly.