April 20, 2023

What Tasks Need Coffee Energy?

While this post could be named: “Best Things to Do After a Cup of Coffee,” the reality is: the caffeinated don’t always need ideas. Instead, we’d like to propose a cup or two of coffee in places where it can best be used. Not all energy is created equal. When you need “get stuff done” or “get the conversation moving” energy like in the following situations, coffee is a strong recommendation. Find out why it’s a perfect fit.

Making Decisions

Have you ever made a poor or uninspired decision while you were tired? Or set yourself up to take a lazy way out? That’s no surprise—everyone does it at some point. An excellent recipe for making a great decision should be talked about more. And that’s getting a good night’s sleep, then waking up and drinking coffee. Move around with a walk or some exercise. Perhaps stretch. That’s a great time to weigh your options. Should you move to a new place? Apply for that job? Propose? Finally invest in a yodeling class? Outlining all of the possibilities and potential outcomes on a rested mind is less stressful and more optimistic. It will give you the energy to research too. 

It’s a fair warning that tons of coffee may produce angst that is unhelpful. You may end up more negative and fearful. Another risk is calculating too positively. Drinking the same amount of coffee you normally do, or just a bit more should suffice to make a decision. 


Learn or Tackle Something New

Learning a new skill, hobby or work-related task at home after a cup of coffee can be wise. After a long work week, making the most of your Saturday morning hours is more likely after some café. Learn the perfect egg-poaching method. Finally start changing your own oil. Excel’s pivot table feature becomes easier to master after a brew or two. Impress your boss with your weekend dedication to learning new skills.

Coffee works wonders for hitting the ground running with one-off projects too. When you want to build a fence to keep out the neighbor’s dog, coffee can power you back to the hardware store for more supplies. Although gardening is relaxing, planting a garden for the first time is a different story. Jump into planning, digging and boxing after a brew early. Don’t let the sun get too high and hot! That’s when you’ll want a siesta. A cup of joe can get you going again once the sun starts to sink. No matter whether your project is home, office or hobby-based, learning and pushing through to the finish line is more probable with coffee.


This recommendation to chat after coffee will not come as a surprise. We do want to point out the specific situations where a cup of joe shines (and steams). When you first need to get to know someone, coffee can open things up. At other times, we may not push to find the things we have in common or like to talk about. However, a visit to the coffee shop or firing up the coffee machine can help you all find mutual interests. Have you worked in the same field? Have you vacationed at the same spot? Do you both read People Magazine? Coffee energy can help part the clouds with this class of similarity with a new friend, potential romantic partner or a business connection.

When you’re introverted or must pass time with someone with whom you may not routinely speak, coffee can help. Coffee is great for a second date. Just be sure not to overrepresent your propensity to talk. Be who you really are! In-laws of an opposite political persuasion coming to town at election time? If your spouse has to work, both you and your in-laws will be more likely to generate a safe topic to chat about after coffee. The mundane can become more interesting and even funny. It’s also recommended for phone conversations if you don’t normally like them. 

Study or Research

College students are famous for making the most of their local coffee shops for good reason. People who need to research a topic or decision can decide. Coffee houses have been centers of expansive thought for centuries. In coffee shops, even a chemistry major may put on their liberal arts hat to philosophize and make connections between disciplines. Many students love getting off campus and visiting the community. A small, inexpensive meal can provide a break from cafeteria food. Students can avoid the distracting or tempting ruckus in the dorm. Coffee shops allow more focus.

When you need to hit the ground running with a new job or promotion, coffee can help you prepare outside of work hours. Devour the training manual—along with a muffin—after a cappuccino. Devise the fastest way to make your subordinates’ work schedule sooner. Then you’ll be ready when it’s time to accommodate holiday requests off—that can be a chess board. Continuing education on management ethics can help you learn how to choose equitably, but only if you have the energy to power through the boring slides! You may get it done so quickly that you’ll want to explore different coffees. If you go down a research hole and end up looking into how to get coffee from Honduras, to start a coffee world tour, you’ll be ready to take more study topics for the next month.


Many chores can seem unapproachable sometimes. Who likes cleaning the bathroom or oven? Washing out the garbage cans isn’t a picnic. However, when it needs doing, you’ll be less likely to brainstorm excuses if caffeinated. Getting things done faster—and sometimes better—is one benefit of coffee. While there are a few people who like to organize in the home, office or car, many of us could use some extra pep. Coffee can make diving into a tangled or icky job easier. It may also help you get it done faster, so you can move on to better tasks or relax. 

Take Purchasing Coffee Off Your To-Do List

Between getting things decided, planned, organized and completing chores, there’s a lot to do. Delicious coffee can infuse enjoyment and energy into all your endeavors. Better yet, you can take the act of purchasing coffee off of your to-do list. With a subscription-based coffee option, once you find a coffee you like, it can come to you. It’s like a coffee Christmas or coffee holiday, many times per year. 

Subida Coffee Co.

Having a complex to-do list and the time and resources to learn shouldn’t be taken for granted. At Subida Coffee Co., our operating non-profit brings Honduran youth an opportunity to learn new skills and finish their education. Some of the best coffee from Honduras comes from the highlands of Copán. In Santa Rosa de Copán, we hand-pick our beans after caring for them with a watchful eye. Our single-origin, gourmet coffee comes in dark or medium roasts. In subscribing to regular delivery, customers can help provide a high school education and a future for Honduran youth. If you ever wondered how to get coffee from a specific country, we have one country covered. We know how to get coffee from Honduras: simply order online and let it come to you!

The coffee of Subida Coffee Co. is grown by the team at the Moses Project, a 120-acre commercial farm and agriculture training center in a small community outside of Santa Rosa de Copán.
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