April 21, 2023

Sources of Energy - Caffeine, Vitamin B, Ginseng and Taurine

There’s nothing quite like coasting on the perfect coffee buzz, especially in the right place. Connect with friends at the coffee shop and can all lay your great ideas or jokes on the table. A boost of energy from caffeine can help you feel positive when diving into a work project. On a road trip through the country, caffeine can make you happy enough to belt Bohemian Rhapsody. We’re not saying you’ll remember every lyric or hit every note. However, caffeine can give you the desire to sing and enjoy the moment, even if you’re only laughing at your missed notes.

However, despite our deep passion for coffee, we have to admit there can be downsides to drinking too much caffeine. So, in this post, we’ll take a look at other ingredients in great energy-boosting drinks. We added some nutritious ingredients to our new cold coffee. In particular, our Oat Milk Energized Latte is more than your average cup o’ joe—or can of café, to be more precise. The fact that we are growing and then importing coffee from Honduras doesn’t mean that it’s not well-crafted and arriving in many different forms, like cold coffee.


Wait, isn’t taurine synthetic and bad for you? No, that’s a popular misconception! 

While some people who are uninformed about taurine eye it suspiciously on bottles of Red Bull and other energy drinks, it’s actually one of the body’s amino acids. Although your body doesn’t need this amino acid all the time, it does naturally occur when we get stressed or sick. It helps with hydration and electrolyte levels. It’s present in many protein-rich foods, like eggs, nuts and shellfish. Of course, it’s also in meat.

Taurine is found in many important organs like the brain and heart. The muscles and eyes contain high quantities of it. Athletic performance or exercise can be enhanced by taurine since it helps the muscles. Replacing some caffeine with taurine when you need energy isn’t a bad choice.

B Vitamins

Fortifying a beverage with B vitamins has a host of advantages. In particular, B isn’t just any old vitamin. There are several types of B vitamins that can have a profound effect on your health and mood. In fact, many people take a B complex containing multiple types of B, since there are eight types. You may have heard their separately before you ever thought about them entering your coffee drink. Both folic acid and biotin are B vitamins.

Without B vitamins, the body can’t extract all the energy your food harbors. It’s akin to the effect of a potassium deficiency on hydration; you’ll stay thirsty although you are drinking plenty. Eat smarter, not more, by getting enough B vitamins. It’s a priority because they aren’t stored in your body to be retrieved when you need them, nutritionally speaking.

B vitamins can improve your nervous system. Red blood cells need them. Without two types of B vitamins, you risk anemia. In all, if you need an energy boost but can get jitters or have a high caffeine tolerance, B vitamins are crucial to consume anyway!


The final ingredient we fortified our Energized cold coffee with is ginseng. We can’t sing the praises of ginseng enough, nor stop making this dad joke! Since ginseng is not common in a North American diet, but it has several health benefits, it’s good to make a point of eating it once in a while. This root originated in Asia and has spread throughout the world for good reason. 

Of course, ginseng has energy to offer, that’s the main reason we added it. It’s not great to always rely on caffeine for an energy boost, especially when your propulsion can come from ingredients that have other benefits. Ginseng can reduce fatigue. Normally, if you need energy, you may need to think well too. That’s what ginseng offers: better cognition. Whether you’re trying to attack your morning to-do list, heading to exercise or tackling yard work, having organized and clear thinking is never a bad thing. You won’t be just doing silly things faster and with more energy!

Ginseng also reduces inflammation. Like ginger and turmeric, it’s a natural way to calm your body’s reaction to many types of stress. Lowering blood sugar may be another benefit of ginseng. While many premixed cold coffees are more like eating caramel ice cream, our all-natural monk-fruit-sweetened cold coffees might actually do your blood sugar some good. We love ginseng for its many benefits. We’re helping to spread this ingredient that’s rare in a regular North American diet.

Oat Milk

The final ingredient in our Energized Latte is oat milk. It’s also the creamy component of our Vanilla Latte. Before we sing the praises of oat milk, know that we’re not vegan or hardline vegetarians. Nevertheless, it is odd that adult humans drink milk—and the milk is from other animals, like cows and goats. Anyway, oat milk offers the creaminess we love in our coffee, it’s not thin like coconut milk. Nor is it like almond milk, which requires a ton of water to produce. Oat milk brings the benefit of even more B vitamins. It’s good for your bones and cholesterol levels too. Fiber content is another positive.

Leading with Ingredients

We’re not going to rave that Subida cold-coffee lovers will reap massive benefits from the small amount of oat milk (or ginseng) in our cans. However, we do want you to know that we’re always considering customer health. We do pride ourselves on leading through health-conscious choices and making environmentally conscious decisions too. Importing coffee from Honduras also involves ethical concerns; we provide good jobs and compensate fairly. 

Subida Coffee Co. 


Helping improve the reputation of coffees from the mountains of Honduras, Subida Coffee Co. grows gourmet single-origin coffees. Reintegrating the proceeds back into a high school and agricultural training center for local boys and the community, it’s hard to find a Honduran coffee producer who does more good. However, we offer a large range of coffee options for a small operation. With cold coffee, single-serve pods, whole beans and ground coffee, we’ve got you covered no matter the season or setting.

The coffee of Subida Coffee Co. is grown by the team at the Moses Project, a 120-acre commercial farm and agriculture training center in a small community outside of Santa Rosa de Copán.
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